Thursday, January 23, 2014

D&D With StS - Part 9 - An Alliance With The Neutrals

Part 9, complete with background ambiance, music, and genuine role-playing!  Boss is DM, Oxnard is a wary half-dwarf, and Dexter's a dwarf.  Sit back and enjoy this epic tale.  Daro and Graim waste no time after their battle with the slimes and proceed deeper into the caves where they believe an elusive group of 'neutrals' reside.  Daro throws a fit, Graim tries to calm things down, and everything almost goes awry.  What strange new information and adventure await the duo?

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
'The Other Side of the Door'
'Dark Dance'
'Scheming Weasel slower'
'Constancy Part Two'
'Lone Harvest'
'Distant Tension'
'Lightless Dawn'
'Heavy Interlude'
'Oppressive Gloom'
'Grim League'
'Prelude and Action'
'Five Armies'

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