Thursday, January 30, 2014

D&D With STS - Part 10 - Cataclysmic Cannibal Caper

Part 10, complete with background ambiance, music, and genuine role-playing!  Boss is DM, Oxnard is a wary half-dwarf, and Dexter's a dwarf.  Sit back and enjoy this epic tale.  A plan is made against the cannibal threat.  Graim, Daro, Pilkin and Horace do their best to acquire the obsidian shard from Stoke, the halfling Cleric who leads the cannibal tribes.  One thing leads to another, armies are converging, and then something pretty big and scary happens that changes everything...

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
'Controlled Chaos'
'Dark Dance'
'Oppressive Gloom'
'Lightless Dawn'
'The Dread'
'Prelude and Action'
'Five Armies'

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  1. Hey guys I randomly stumbled on your podcast while looking for new D&D pods on iTunes and just wanted to tell you I think it's fucking great. Keep up the good work. I raged through the 1st 10 in 2 nights. looking forward to more.