Thursday, January 16, 2014

D&D With StS - Part 6 - Earning Trust And Finding The Journal

Part 6, complete with background ambiance, music, and genuine role-playing!  Boss is DM, Oxnard is a wary half-dwarf, and Dexter's a dwarf.  Sit back and enjoy this epic tale.  Daro is locked up for treason, and Graim is still a bit confused.  Lady Lana gives the duo a challenge that will hopefully prove their loyalty.  After Daro and Graim try to find the journal Thrim had on his person, before he was so thoroughly devastated in battle...

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
'Frost Waltz' 
'Death of Kings'
'Prelude and Action'
'Constancy Part Three'
'The Pyre'
'Five Armies'


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