Saturday, January 11, 2014

D&D With StS - Part 4 - Someone Dies

Part 4, complete with background ambiance, music, and genuine role-playing!  Boss is DM, Oxnard is a wary half-dwarf, and Dexter's a half-elf druid of some variety.  Sit back and enjoy this epic tale.  Thrim and Daro struggle to find answers, but attempts are made to steal a key to enter the sewers.  Finally, the idea of acquiring the Blue Chalice becomes important, and things happen... sad and horrible things...

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
'Dark Times'
'Martian Cowboy'
'Our Story Begins'
'Constancy Part Two'
'Sneaky Snitch'
'Hero Down'
'Heavy Interlude'
'Storm Front'
'Private Reflection'
'For the Fallen'

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