Thursday, January 9, 2014

D&D With StS - Part 1 - A Mysterious Tavern!

Part 1, D&D Live with StS is a comedy D&D podcast played by 3 friends who have never played D&D before.  This game officially started recording on Sunday, January 13, 2013.  Each episode is edited for audio quality and is complete with sound effects, ambient noise and music.

This is our first foray into Dungeons and Dragons, total newbs, we have a ton of fun nerding it up in this classic game.  Boss is DM, Oxnard is a wary half-dwarf, and Dexter's a half-elf druid of some variety.  Sit back and enjoy the beginning of this epic tale.  Will our heroes escape this strange and bizarre tavern?

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
'Hero Down'
'Our Story Begins'
'Folk Round'
'Constancy Part Two'
'Five Armies'


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